God made us to live life in the context of community. We're designed to laugh together, grow together and serve together. It makes us better people and we achieve more together. Here are a few simple ways to get connected to what God is doing in and through us. 

1) The Big 3. Being a part of the Cornerstone community involves three main things:

Attending on Sundays,

Being a part of a group, and

Serving on a ministry team

To really grow in your faith and flourish in how God has made you to bless the world, if indeed you call Cornerstone your spiritual home, then doing all three is crucial.

2) Starting Point. If you really want to take action, get involved and add your gifts and talents to this community of people who are trying to make a difference in the world, there is essentially one basic way - be a part of a Starting Point group. This is our starting point at Cornerstone, hence the name. At the end of this 10 week group study, you'll be given options of joining an ongoing small group and/or service team.

3) Like us on Facebook.

4) Visit the Connection Center before or after all services.